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In The Mountains

In the Mountains, a series of poems set in the southern Appalachia, uses nature as a basis for exploring trends in contemporary thought and culture. The poems deal especially with the relationship between current philosophic-scientific attitudes and traditional theology.

About The Author:
Warren Leamon was a native of Atlanta. His fiction, poetry and literary essays appeared in various journals and magazines both in the U.S. and abroad. He published two books: Harry Mathews, a critical study, and Unheard Melodies, a novel. He lived at various times in Ireland, England and Japan and passed away in his home in Athens, Georgia in 2017. 

Gamer Goes Hiking

Gamer Goes Hiking: 30 Years A Gamer And This Is What You Get

If you read this book, it will make you feel smart – especially if you like to play video games. In it you will read essays and discover:
– “Gaming” and “Going Outside” are not in fact mutually exclusive.
– Playing video games is actually more fun than going to work.
– Constant failure serves as a point of revelation.
– Some insight to the rough future ahead.

FU Internet (And Other Empty Threats)

FU Internet is a light hearted romp through some pretty heavy thoughts. It’s a collection of five essays and each essay explores the different ways art, society and the individual connect to each other, reflect each other and eventually reject each other. Some of the questions in FU Internet are:

In an age of communication why is everyone so freaking mean?
How come there are billions of pictures but no “real” photographers?
Is it me or is the world just full of dumb people?
What on earth do we do next?

These thoughts were collected over a 23 year time frame book-ended by the author’s first and last cigarette.