Sermon On the Board Room Table

Sermon on the Board Room Table is the first ever (as far as we know) Motivational Podcast Musical. Written, composed and produced by Will Leamon, The Sermon hopes to bring light into the darkness that is corporate America. 

At the base of The Sermon’s message is the author’s frustration that we are expected to leave our closely held beliefs in the car before entering the office. Written by a Christian frustrated with the fact that if Christians were to just act like Christians, our working lives would not be riddled with so much humiliation, degradation and depression. 

Produced in the height of the lockdowns, The Sermon on the Board Room Table, was born in the hopes that Mercy, Hope and Kindness can someday return to the Board room, the office and the factory floor. 

And it’s backed by an 808, so you know it’s cool.