The Sermon is now available at these fine streamers and distributors (and just about every other platform as well!)

Hi, I’m Will Leamon and I’m the motivational speaker your CEO doesn’t want you to know about.  I’m here to tell it like it is and the message is… you’re miserable Mr. Manager.

If you’ve ever wondered why life is such a depressing, grasping, humiliating corporate experience then you’ve come to the right podcast! If you’ve ever wanted to stand up in a meeting and yell “Enough of this nonsense!” before walking out, then you’re at the right place. If you ever thought “Man, life sure would be sweet if it weren’t for all this meaningless drivel.” Then you’re among friends here!

Now for the first time ever, my talk “The Sermon on the Board Room Table” is being made available world-wide, on-demand and for free via the Internet in what can only be described as the world’s first motivational podcast musical! If you think you can handle having your business mind blown then listen along as we take stock of our situation, explore its miseries and then discover how to get the hell out. Just don’t let your CEO know you’re here or there’s going to be trouble!

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About The Music:

The Sermon was the first major work produced at Thrillahill's new studio, Tire Swing Studio. Music nerds can learn what drove the composition and production of the music here

Thrillahill's Music Workshop

The Sermon on the Board Room Table was originally conceived as the debut production for Thrillahill’s Music Workshop. The Workshop is dedicated to exploring, creating and producing new musicals that live beyond the boundaries of traditional American musical theatre. Please check out the Workshop’s homepage here.

Get The Backstory.

The Sermon is a satirical reflection on a true life story, or Lived Experience in the parlance of our times. Click here to read the memo.

Will also produces instrumental music under the £400 Hacker name.

Check it out here.