Performing Artist Series

The Performing Artist Series is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2020.

The goal of the performing artist series is to attempt to bridge the gap between “bedroom producers” (those who make music on their computers) and the performers of the world (those musicians who dedicate themselves to playing an instrument).

The goal is wild and broad musical experimentation combining old and new methods of making music.

First, we invite the performer to the studio to record any original or public domain works they would like. While the Music Workshop is committed to the production of original works, we encourage classical and earlier performers to consider this program as well.

Once we’ve recorded a performance that we all agree to move forward with, two to three digital producers provide their own unique and distinct voice to the project in any way they see fit. Once that’s done everyone comes together as a team for the final arrangement and mix. The whole process takes two to three months.

The result is an original recording of the piece, several interpretations of it and one final crazy mess or sublime unification, at the Workshop we’re delighted and happy either way.