Looking Forward

Guideposts and Milestones:

Please think of the following timeline as guideposts we hope to see as we move forward with the project. No one can predict the future, and past performance is no indicator of future success, but we feel confident that with a bit of (fund-raising) luck we can follow this path over the next five years.

Milestones are important as they are required for moving forward with the project. If a milestone is missed for any reason it triggers a mandatory review of whether the program should move forward at all.

For the rest of 2019 we are concentrating on building out facilities and testing our first program.

  • We have a lot of work to do but fortunately have funding in place to get it done.
  • Our primary goal for the third quarter is to get Tire Swing Studio up and running.
  • Q4 2019 will then be dedicated to the test-pilot of our first program.

Milestone: Successful pilot-test of our first program.

For 2020 we’ll focus on the integrity of three core programs which are already in development.

  • Focusing on testing, changing and innovating three core programs that meet specific music production needs.
  • The core programs will also provide unique, dynamic ways of exploring the collaborative music making process.
  • The effectiveness of these three programs will then allow us to explore more niche and specific programs that may come in and out of production depending on a variety of factors.

Milestone: Develop, launch and schedule three distinct, core programs for the 2021 season.

Starting 2021 we’ll begin concentrating on establishing best business practices and primary means of fund raising.

  • Maintaining the integrity of our core programs will be our most important goal as we incorporate an annual fund-raising program.
  • Focus intently on combining fund-raising opportunities with artist promotional events.
  • Finding and encouraging a group of patrons who support us with small, monthly donations.
  • Vet and employ an accountant, lawyer and payroll specialist to help the Workshop function with legal and financial confidence.

Milestone: Identify and raise funds for two years’ operating expenses.

For 2022 to 2025 we hope to establish foundational financial support and to explore moving to more capable facilities. 

  • Like any non-profit, we hope to raise enough foundation money to at least guarantee operating expenses and payroll with dividends, interest and other forms of long-term cash infusions.
  • We hope too that our programs will fuel a natural growth in programs and memberships, which will practically force us into new facilities with increased capabilities.
  • We also hope to be as lean and efficient as we can in order to portion as much of our resources as possible into our programs and members.

Milestone: Explore, debate and adopt five more years of milestones!