Alternative Musical Theatre

What We Do

We love our musical theatre and its rich history from Oklahoma to Hamilton but the world of music has changed dramatically since the advent of electronic and then digital based production techniques. Traditional musical theatre has stood as a bulwark against these changes, preserving the full orchestra and huge casts of yester-year. But these productions are becoming more and more costly to produce for an audience that grows smaller each year.

At the workshop, we hope to explore alternative methods of telling stories on the stage with acting, music and dance. We are interested in producing new works without large royalty expenses and other production costs. We’re also interested in different styles of telling stories, moving away from what is becoming a calcified, formulaic, narrative method.

In essence, we can tell you what alternative musical theatre is not but we are reaching out to the community at large to help us define what alternative musical theatre is.

We are also very interested in modern distribution like podcasts, internet video and streaming. Our first production is going to start life as a podcast musical and we hope that when the day comes for the live show debut that our sponsors around the world will be able to join our live audience via Twitch and YouTube. When the pandemic allows we hope to host other, smaller, live performances on-line from our in-house studio, Tire Swing Studio. 

If you'd like to reach out to us you can reach program director Will Leamon via email at will <at> thrillahill <dot> com. Thanks!

Thrillahill’s Music Workshop is a product of the madness of Will Leamon.

Will Leamon is a Georgia-based producer who specializes in stage, video and music productions. He has been involved with the community arts for more than 30 years; working with Athens Creative Theatre, The Morton Theatre, Athens School of Ballet and his own community projects under the Thrillahill Productions banner. He was a founder and program director of Classic City Arts from 2008 to 2011 and has recently released an album as £400 Hacker and the essay collections FU Internet and Other Empty Threats and Gamer Goes Hiking.

He has two cats and two fosters who have found their forever homes.