The Thrillahill Music Workshop is a patron supported, non-profit, program that seeks to revive, re-invent and reimagine alternative community theatre.

The workshop is led by Athens native Will Leamon. We are currently working on our first production “The Sermon On The Board Room Table” which we hope to move into rehearsals as soon as the pandemic allows.

What's Happening?

Be safe, wash your hands, wear your mask, and be kind - even to people you disagree with. Other than that, it’s kind of hard to work on live theatre with a pandemic going on. We haven’t sat idle with the time though but we are constrained on how we can work. So our director Will Leamon has written a one man show called “Sermon On The Board Room Table” to A: Keep the program alive and B: explore just what “alternative” musical theatre can be.

The music’s been composed, the libretto has been written and Will’s produced a recorded version we will release soon as a “podcast musical”. As soon as the powers that be decided that it’s safe to resume production we’ll start putting a band together, hire a choreographer and dancers and begin the hard work of bringing it to the stage. Not going to lie though, it’s going to be a at least summer of 2022 before the show goes up. We hope to see us all together again, shoulder to shoulder in a real, physical, theatre then!