Hi, thanks for checking out £400 Hacker – an instrumental music project from me, Will Leamon.

This project attempts to explore the concept of Absolute Music or (as Google defines it) “instrumental music composed purely as music, and not intended to represent or illustrate something else”. So the tunes here are not intended to evoke story, place or time but instead are purely for their own sake.

All of 400’s material can be found free charge (or pay what you want) at Bandcamp

The Deadbeat Suite

The  Deadbeat Suite is the debut composition from electronic composer / producer £400 Hacker and features 12 tracks of organic, contemporary and immediately accessible instrumental music. From sweetly sad arrangements for violin and cello to modern and intense pieces for five synthesizers, The Deadbeat Suite is a sonic journey for any listener.  

American Mystic

American Mystic is a project that tries to steer clear of words almost entirely. That’s why the track titles are the way they are and it’s also why there’s not much to say here. The music is instrumental, chill with some anxiety and drama, and won’t waste your time. 
That’s it.