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£400 Hacker is pleased to present genuine, modern day Living Room Music to the world wide public. Taking root in the days of classical Chamber Music, the music herein dispenses with the palace and looks instead to that one room where one, every one, likes to entertain - either themselves or any number of others.

Whatever room that might be and where ever it might be, thanks for making The Deadbeat Suite a part of it!

We are pleased to present the first single from The Deadbeat Suite, "Make Out City"

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What is living room music?

In short, it’s music that’s meant to be played in the living room. The living room is an American thing (I believe) but I think the world knows what I mean when I say there’s a room we all retreat from the world to, either alone or with friends, and seek some sort of temporary escape from our lives.  Whether it be television, drugs, food, video games, booze, books, sex or music, there are times when we as humans absolutely must seek relief.

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The Deadbeat Suite is dedicated to all the crappy couches in the world and the people who like to make out on them.

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