£400 Hacker

£400 Hacker makes music using electronic / computerized equipment. No real instruments are harmed in the production of £400 Hacker's music.

Influenced by the scores of Thomas Newman and the Dust Brothers, video game music, Rock N' Roll and looking to Gary Numan and Art Of Noise for an ancestral past, £400 Hacker hopes to bring the sexy, funky flavors of Downtempo EDM to a small but potent audience.

The music is presented as "Pay what you want" but really your time and your sense of hearing is all £400 Hacker really wants.

Thanks for listening!

If you'd like to support the efforts of £400 Hacker, we definitely appreciate it! You can pay what you want for In Figures below:

In Figures Player

A note on streaming: At Thrillahill we're just pleased as punch that you might want to listen to £400 Hacker's music more than once. But on that second time if you could do us a real favor and download the music vs streaming it that would be great as it keeps our production costs down and keeps the site zippy for other users. Thanks again for your consideration.